Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message
Susheel Kumar Saraff - Chairman

The Saraff Global is a group that is developing with each passing year.

I have a vision, whereby the Saraff Group would grow to be one of the leading industrial groups based in Thailand. We have embarked on this journey and I believe that we have the right elements in place to ensure that this goal will be achieved in time to come. In today's business environment being focused on the customer needs and designing products to satisty those needs are basic business mantra. However, we tend to lose sight of instilling the basic fundamental elements of integrity, honesty, and total commitment through out the organization. We have instilled these elements from the start and are proud to say that we are moving forward with the right platform and focus.

Our growth has been firm and steady. We are now looking forward to identify new business opportunities and forge new business partnerships on the road to faster growth and increased profitability. Our ethical standards in business dealings combined with our financial strength and acumen to identify business opportunities will provide an edge to the Saraff Group in the future.

Susheel Kumar Saraff

Chairman / Founder